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Angel Earrings

Paper Earrings 1 1/2 inches (approx)
Bronze finish

Dragon Earrings

Earrings 1 1/2 inches (approx)
Bronze finish


Glass Cabochon on 22-inch chain
Klimt motif

Leather Charm Bracelet

Leather Straps with charms. 
One size fits all. Black with owl charm
Inscripted metal tags: 
"Love" "Dream"

Leather Charm Bracelet

Mala beads

109 beads
Multiple colors. Bracelet is elastic and can be worn around neck, wrist, ankle. 
Available in white, green, dark red, medium brown.
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Leather Journal

4 inch x 6 inch
Journal has a rich red/brown leather cover. Held together with a leather strap and charm. Page placer is also on a leather strap. Unlined beige paper in a pop-open binder.