Woman & Flight

Woman & Flight is a series of 12 women with their totem birds. Each bird represents that woman's search for flight and freedom. Paintings are 30" x 40", acrylic on canvas. Below each picture are the totem descriptions. Original paintings are $300 USD, including shipping. For international orders, shipping may have to be adjusted. All pictures are stretched, sealed, ready to hang and come with COAs. To learn more or purchase a painting, please contact me at lindalavid@gmail.com. Prints of this series are available here. A detailed catalog is can be purchased here. Also in Spanish.

Be beautiful, be yourself.

With radiant color, the cardinal exemplifies inner nobility, pride and grace. Inherent traits of intuition, perseverance and creativity build confidence to become the unique self. While the cardinal manifests personal power, relationships may suffer.

In remaining silent, I am not heard.


Able to soar to great heights, the eagle thrives on making aspirations come true. Intrepid in pursuit and weathering all adversity, the eagle manifests dreams into reality. Self-sufficient by nature, she may appear ruthless.

I shop and make no excuses.

Pink, associated with the heart chakra, makes the flamingo a loving, social, healing being who is vibrant and draws others close. The flamingo is a natural born leader who demonstrates balanced thinking. At times, she can be overly flirtatious. 

Inner light shines the brightest.

Golden Pheasant
Native to China and Tibet, the intensely plumed, golden pheasant denotes solar energy and nobility. Comfortable with power and bounty, she exudes attraction. The golden pheasant never takes a back seat. 

Intention makes it so.

A magical bird of sweetness and light, she enjoys all that life has to offer: living in the moment, savoring the beauty of creation. The joyful hummingbird is deeply connected with nature but is fiercely independent.

My weakness is my strength.

Long-lived, the parrot is known as a healing totem who understands the importance of light and color for well-being. A master communicator, she has the unique ability to talk to both animals and humans. She can be a trickster who overplays the joke.

I am always. Hold my hand.

Known for rebirth and immortality, the peacock is beauty and brains in one. While dramatically eye-catching, the seeing eye on her feather tip denotes a reservoir of expanding perspective. At times, the peacock can be quite full of herself. 

In emotion, there is truth.

An arctic bird of many talents, the puffin has a generous and affectionate nature. She speaks louder by her actions than by her call and takes loving care of her young. Trustful, the puffin can be overly impressionable.

Fear in an illusion.
Often misunderstood as a harbinger of death, the raven is a messenger of transformation who guides others to understanding. Relieving fears, overcoming obstacles, encouraging persistence are the raven's domain. Inventive, the raven can be quarrelsome and opportunistic.

Our nature is love.

Snowy Owl
The piercing eyes of the snowy owl see beyond the veil allowing her access to great wisdom and knowledge not seen or understood by others. Always inquisitive and searching for greater awareness, the snowy owl can work herself into exhaustion.

To live in grace, I live YES.

Often memorialized in folklore, the swan is known for elegance, beauty, clarity and love. The swan revels and celebrates the deep connection between body and spirit. When misunderstood, she may become moody.

When I dance alone, spirit is my partner.

Charismatic, the toucan exudes self-esteem and unrivaled confidence. Daring, gregarious and bold, she perches on treetops vocalizing in a wide range of barks, calls and croaks. At times, with so much gabbing, the toucan says the wrong thing.